Benefits of Microblading

Kelowna microblading

You can get your eyebrows reshaped with the help of Kelowna microblading. Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo procedure that gives you the appearance of natural eyebrows. It is suitable for people with dry to normal skin, and it will require touch ups every six to eight weeks. There are several benefits of microblading in Kelowna. Read on to learn more.

Microblading is a type of semi permanent eyebrow tattoo

What is microblading? It’s a form of semi permanent makeup that uses small blades to create precise, natural-looking eyebrows. Unlike traditional tattooing, microblading doesn’t penetrate the skin. In fact, it fades away in 18 months or less. In addition, the fine lines are not affected by the ink, so they won’t bleed. This is one of the reasons why microblading is considered the most aesthetically pleasing eyebrow tattoo in Kelowna.

A microblading procedure involves hundreds of tiny cuts to the brow line. These cuts break the skin and then the pigment is applied to fill in the new shapes and colors. Unlike traditional tattooing, microblading is painless, but it is still important to select a practitioner with a high level of skill and experience. Microblading in Kelowna isn’t for everyone.

It gives a more natural look

If you’re tired of having to reapply your makeup every few days, then consider a Kelowna microblading service. Unlike traditional tattooing, microblading provides a more natural look and can last through a spinning class or girls’ night out. In addition, it can save you time, and can last through hot yoga as well. If you’re not sure whether this procedure is right for you, consider getting a consultation to discuss your needs and what you can expect.

It is suitable for dry to normal skin

In order to ensure a smooth, crisp, and comfortable healing, you should moisturize the area to be tattooed. Microblading on dry skin is less likely to fade. Because there are fewer oils on dry skin, pigments are more likely to last for up to one and a half years. In addition, a good moisturizer will form a protective barrier over the skin and draw in moisture.

It requires a touch up every 6-8 weeks

The first touch up is crucial, and you should book it right away. Skipping this procedure could waste your money and ruin the entire treatment. Other touch ups are optional, but recommended for best results. You should have a touch up at least every six to eight weeks for optimal results. Here’s what to expect at your first appointment. The timeframe for your second touch up depends on the artist you choose.

The first touch up may not look great immediately after the procedure. Your eyebrows will be too dark at first, and they’ll gradually fade. A touch up is necessary because fading can affect the shape of your brows. During the healing process, your brows will develop scabs and will appear uneven and patchy. In addition, your eyebrows may not return to their original color evenly. If this is the case, you’ll notice irregularities or gaps between your eyebrows.

It is more expensive than microshading

One of the first things to consider when considering a Kelowna microblading procedure is price. Microblading is a relatively expensive procedure, especially compared to microshading. The tools used are expensive and need regular maintenance. Professional training is expensive and may cost thousands of dollars. You can opt for job training or an internship at a professional microblading clinic. Moreover, you must obtain accreditation certificates and permits to operate a microblading shop.

In addition to cosmetic procedures, microblading training in Kelowna can be quite expensive, but it is also much more detailed than a typical microshading training course. This training course is four days long, and includes standard Microblading as well as powder shading. Students will learn about both technical and artistic aspects of eyebrow tattooing. Aside from training, the course also includes a hands-on lab experience.