Essential Moving Supplies: Must-Haves for a Smooth Relocation

When it comes to moving, preparation is key — and that includes having the right supplies at hand. Having the right tools makes for a smoother move, as well as less stress and money spent in the long run. With that in mind, here are some of the most essential packing supplies for your move:

Cardboard boxes are a must-have moving supplies edmonton. They’re cheap, durable, and fold flat for storage. A variety of sizes are available, including large boxes with dividers for pillows or blankets and small boxes with handles to make lifting easier. You can also find specialty boxes for hanging clothes and specialized containers to pack fragile items like mirrors or artwork.

Box tape is a must, as it helps seal and secure boxes. Be sure to get a good quality tape and a dispenser that lets you lay down seams quickly without a sticky mess. Masking tape is a good option for labeling boxes, while duct tape can be used for reinforcing and closing heavier boxes.

Foam wrap sheets are a useful packing material that help protect breakables without taking up too much space. These protective sheets are made from expanded polystyrene foam and are found at home improvement stores. Foam wrap can be cut to fit a box or wrapped around larger items such as picture frames or glass furniture tops.

A roll of bubble wrap is another handy packing supply. This material is similar to plastic bubble wrap but is thinner and has air-filled cells that cushion items for a safer move. It’s a great way to wrap fragile glassware, plates, and frames, as well as for filling in voids within boxes. You can also use it to wrap mirrors and artwork to avoid scratches during transport.

Disinfectants and cleaning supplies are helpful for keeping your work area clean during the packing process, as well as to disinfect and wipe down surfaces in the new home. Be sure to have a bucket, mop, and sponges on hand.

It’s also a good idea to have a few pairs of disposable gloves on hand for cleaning and handling delicate items. You can also keep a few sandwich-sized bags on hand for storing screws, bolts, washers, and other hardware during the moving process. This will save you the hassle of looking for these items in your boxes and can prevent them from getting lost or misplaced during transit.

A tool kit is a must-have moving supply that will come in handy for disassembling furniture and other larger items. This kit should include a basic tool set with a wrench, hammer, drill and screwdriver, as well as a utility knife, putty knife and a cinch strap. A tape measure is also a must to ensure that large items will fit through doorways and stairwells in the new house. This is an important step to avoid costly repairs and renovations after a move. A dustpan and broom should also be kept on hand for cleaning up loose debris as you go along.