Heart Stopper Shop

With the hit Netflix series of Heartstopper Shop, fans around the world have been raving about its inclusivity, positive representation, and sweet romance. The show has also been praised for its portrayal of sexuality and mental health and empowering young people to accept themselves for who they are.

The series was adapted from the vertical scroll graphic novels by Alice Oseman and features Kit Connor as Nick Nelson and Joe Locke as Charlie Spring two teenage students at Truham Grammar School. It follows their journey of friendship, a blossoming romance and how they cope with their own mental health struggles.

The show is a refreshingly positive adaptation of the novels and has some of the most accurate casting I have ever seen in a teen TV show. It isn’t afraid to show the darker side of Charlie’s anxiety and depression as well as incorporating thought bubbles and speech to communicate his mental state. This is a rare thing to see in an adaptation, which usually avoids these things in favour of sanitised versions of characters.

Despite the sappy romantic elements, it also tackles a lot of tough topics such as homophobia and bullying at school. It shatters the stereotype that young people aren’t capable of coping with difficult situations and has some real heart-wrenching moments. It also shows that everyone has their own issues to struggle with and that we should be supportive of each other.

The series is an absolute delight and it is great to see it being so successful. It has also given a huge amount of hope to many young people who are exploring their own sexuality and gender identity and it is a fantastic example of how we can all come together as a community and support each other.

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