Kitchen exhaust hood cleaning services are available for any time that your restaurant needs them

If your kitchen hood is dirty, you are not only polluting your space, but you are also increasing your chances of a fire. Even worse, a kitchen hood that is not properly cleaned can become inefficient. This can lead to poor airflow and food quality problems, as well as an employee’s discomfort.

Almost all commercial cooking establishments in the United States are required to have their hoods cleaned. The International Fire Code requires that these hoods be cleaned to IKECA ANSI C10 standards. While this is a tough task, it is necessary to keep your kitchen hoods clean in order to prevent fires.

Hood cleaning involves removing grease, oil, and other debris from the hood’s interior. It also includes cleaning the filter tracts and the plenum area. Typically, this process takes three to four hours.

Kitchen exhaust hood cleaning services are available for any time that Hood Cleaning  your restaurant needs them. These cleanings are especially important to schedule during cooler times. Usually, hood cleaners will use a hot water pressure washing method to clean the hood. They typically spray around 1,500 to 2,000 psi. Once the hood has been thoroughly cleaned, it is rinsed in a hot water system.

To ensure that the cleaning process is carried out properly, it is important to choose a professional company. Cleaning technicians should know how to perform the required inspections to ensure that your restaurant is up to code. In addition, the inspection will help to detect any anomalies that might prevent the hood from functioning properly.

Your hood cleaning service should also polish all surfaces, such as the ceiling, backsplash, and other areas. After the inspection, the technician will test the hood’s exhaust fan to ensure that it is working properly. A technician should also examine the fan blades, fan shroud, and other parts of the hood.

When your restaurant is cleaned, you can rest assured that you are doing everything you can to protect your employees, guests, and property. Many fires in eating and drinking establishments in the United States cause 115 civilian injuries and $246 million in direct property damage. By hiring a reputable restaurant hood cleaning company, you can avoid the dangers of a fire in your kitchen.

Restaurant hood cleaning services often come with a free estimate. The rate is based on how many hoods and fans are in your kitchen and the frequency of your cleanings. Some cleanings may require drug screening or criminal background checks. Depending on the company, you may be required to provide a valid driver’s license and a car to get to the job site. Whether you are looking for regular, quarterly, or seasonal hood cleaning services, you can find the perfect one for your needs.

The hood cleaner will apply a sticker to the hood that shows the date it was last cleaned and when it is scheduled to be cleaned again. This will serve as a reminder for your insurance agents and fire marshals.