Tips For Recharging Your Whip Cream Charger

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A whipped cream charger, also called nitrous charger, is a stainless steel cylinder containing Nitrous oxide that’s used as a whip agent in a usual electric whipped cream charger. You can buy them cheaper from many online shops like Cream Charger Warehouse or even at your local hardware store. When choosing one, you have to look for one that has quality and longevity since you’ll be using this every time you use the cream. Whichever one you choose, you need to know how to use it properly before putting it to use.

Before usage, you should first sterilize the nitrous oxide cartridge that comes with the cream chargers. The cream needs to be mixed with water and then poured into the opening of the charger. It’s then held by a plastic tab on the top to keep it airtight. If your charger doesn’t have one, you can just hold the nitrous oxide cartridge with your hand. Be sure that you fully immerse the charger into the water first and then turn the device off.

Next, you have to make sure that your charger is turned on. Some cream chargers are manual only meaning that you have to press a button in order to start whipping. Others are digital, which means that you’ll have to switch it on using the side switch. For digital chargers, you can plug it in directly into an electrical outlet but for manual ones, you have to use a jack of all trades so that it will work when you need it most.

Next, pour your prepared ingredients into your dispenser, following the instruction on your manual. After waiting until the ingredients have completely dissolved, you can now insert the nipple of your nitrous oxide cartridge into the dispenser. You have to be very careful when inserting this part because you don’t want the charger to spill its contents over your hands or the floor. This might stain your clothing and your carpet.

Once you have successfully inserted the nitrous oxide cartridge, you can start whipping. Just like with whipped cream chargers, you have to tilt your head sideways so that you are facing up. The dispenser may be tilted too much if you are not looking directly into it or if you are holding the bottle with both hands. Start by whipping just a little bit then speed up as you feel more comfortable. Don’t let yourself get carried away with the whipping though because that would be very dangerous.

After you have finished the whipping process, you have to slowly discharge the nitrous oxide cartridge through your mouth. Make sure that the charger’s suction is powerful enough so that the ingredients come out of the cartridge without buckling or leaking. Then you have to insert the charger back into your electric cream pump. You need to make sure that your charger is securely fastened into place. If it slips out of place, you might have an accident.

Now, it is time to recharge your charger. This can be done in three ways – the most common way is to plug the charger’s DC cable into the wall outlet. However, you should be very careful with this step since there is always the risk of the charger’s battery is running out of power. The second way to recharge your nitrous charger is by connecting the charger’s DC cable to a battery that is outside your home. For this, you will need to find a black battery pack and plug it into the outlet. Your charger’s current level will be depleted gradually while you charge your battery outside of your house.

Finally, the last step is to insert your charger’s battery into your electric cream pump. Then turn your electric pump on and wait until it is completely plugged in before turning it on again. Your charger’s life will be replenished slowly but surely. By following these tips, you will have your nitrous charger ready for charging whenever you need it.