What You Need to Know

Pure Air is a leading provider of indoor air quality testing services www.ncpureair.com. They offer a variety of services including; allergy testing, mold testing, microbial testing, PMT testing, and ozone generators. If you live in Charlotte, North Carolina or are a vendor there is no doubt that you have used Pure Air at one time or another. In this article I am going to go over how they work and what their advantages are over other brands. Let’s take a closer look.

Pure Air North Carolina

Pure Air is listed in the Start Up Business category of the national web directory. If you’re a Charlotte area based startup business or providing similar services within Charlotte then you can definitely submit your site for free listing here, within minutes. The submission process is very simple and straightforward. They have an easy to use form that will walk you through the whole process step-by-step.

The team at Pure Air knows that there is a need for quality ozone generators in North Carolina. That’s why they have spent the time and money to develop Pure Air Ozone Generator Systems. This is the best ozone generator on the market today. When they started out, the idea was to make an all in one system to power all of the equipment in a building. However, with the help of their highly trained engineers they quickly realized that they needed something more to really complete their product. They wanted a system that could provide a stable source of ozone in addition to other useful services such as; testing, ventilation, filtering and dehumidification.

Pure Air ozone generators are easy to operate and maintain. This is because the system combines five different stages of ozone treatment into one convenient package. There is no need to add equipment, ductwork, filters or ozone generators as they are all included in the product.

Since the beginning of their operation in North Carolina many homeowners have been asking about Pure Air ozone generators and testing them. The Pure Air team answers each of their questions by providing documentation and credentials of their ozone treatment systems. In addition, Pure Air ozone generators pass all local and federal tests. In order to be legitimate Pure Air Service providers, they also adhere to sound ventilation practices, including testing, proper maintenance and servicing. Since all of their ozone treatment is done in-house, customers can be confident in their service and warranty.

If a homeowner chooses to go with Pure Air as their furnace and air conditioning system of choice then the ozone generator must be in good working order. All Pure Air units must pass the same rigorous testing that all other Pure Air products undergo. This assures the customer that Pure Air offers the highest quality product available. These tests cover everything from input voltage levels to the rate of airflow.

All Pure Air service centers use EPA certified ozone blasting equipment for the testing process. EPA certification ensures that Pure Air’s ozone generators are safe and efficient for their customers. EPA certification is also important because it makes the machine easy to detect when problems may arise. Since Pure Air units are tested and certified against strict national standards, you can rest assured that your generator will work at its peak performance.

As with all things, Pure Air offers an affordable, quality service. The ozone treatment and repair equipment they provide are top of the line. When you choose to use a Pure Air system you can rest assured that your air conditioner or furnace is in good hands. Unlike other companies who may turn a blind eye to the health risks associated with ozone exposure, Pure Air takes an active role in protecting the health of their customers. In addition to providing low ozone generator usage Pure Air also offers a long list of handy tips on maintaining your system to ensure that you enjoy clean air for years to come.