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Choosing a Fabricator for Butcher Block Countertops

teak_butcher_block_countertopIn recent years, butcher block countertops have been extremely popular among homeowners. They are not only aesthetically appealing, but also easy to clean, maintain and quite affordable. In order to manufacture butcher block countertops, you need to glue thick strips of hardwood.

Due to the high-end manufacturing process, these countertops have a strong and solid surface. Most fabricators use maple for the manufacturing process. However, some manufacturers also use oak, walnut and cherry.

With advancements in technology, manufacturers have been using all kinds of wood to produce these countertops. However, it is always better to choose a hard species of wood to make sure you do not experience any problems while cutting raw foods and performing other tasks.

However, in order to choose the best countertops, you need to find the best fabricator. In this post, we have discussed some ways to find the best fabricator. Before you begin your search, you need to understand that the best butcher block countertop fabricator is not easy to find.

With a lot of options in the market, you will have to conduct an extensive research. You need to gather a lot of information before you hire someone. Here are some steps you can take for a thorough research.

Ask Family & Colleagues – If your family members or colleagues have butcher block countertops, you can ask them for some references. Trusted people will always give the best advice. Moreover, they will be unbiased while recommending some options.

Search Online – Internet is a huge database for information. These days, almost every company has its own website. Therefore, you can search on major search engines to gather information about the best fabricator in your area.

Check Testimonials – When you visit a fabricator’s website or get to know about him on a search engine, you should focus on customer reviews and testimonials. This will give you a better idea about the quality of services, reputation in the industry, prices and so on.

It’s important to make out the difference between testimonials from real customers and paid writers. You need to look for authentic reviews from previous customers who hired the fabricator.

Call and Ask Questions – Once you have narrowed down some options, you should call each one and ask many questions. You should get all your doubts cleared. It is important to ask about the company’s experience in the industry, previous projects, price, time constraints and more. You should also ask about the contract. Everything should be clearly written in the contract with the countertops fabricator.

Pick the Best – On the basis of the information you have gathered, you should pick the best fabricator. You should consider everything to make an informed choice. From experience of the company to price of the project, you should be clear about everything.

Last but not the least, when you hire the fabricator, you should schedule an appointment for field measurements. You need to make sure that the fabricator takes precise and accurate measurements to work on your project. This will ensure proper installation.

Tips On Finding Love Online

The world has really evolved. Unlike in the past, it is possible to meet and date your future love partner by online means. You might wonder how this is applicable but the truth is that it works. A lot of people have already met their love partners and others have even tied their love knots already through online means.

It is important to note that a great number of online dating sites have been brought about. It is from these sites that you get the privilege of meeting and mingling with people of opposite gender. It actually takes a very short duration for you to get someone with whom you will share the rest of your life with.

Here are some tips to help you get your love online:

Upload Your Complete Profile It is greatly advised that you should upload your complete profile in the online dating site you have chosen. One of the mistakes people make is failing to upload their complete profile information. This means that any person searching for a lover will be left hanging with the information you have provided. Complete and updated profiles allows any interested party to understand you even better.

Avoid Selfies A lot of people have the tendency of uploading selfies in online dating sites. If this is what you do, then you must refrain from the practice completely. This is because such photos may not work in your favor. It will be best if you went for a photo session in a professional studio. That way, you will get appealing photos of yourself.

Suggest A Date This should come after you have shared several chats with your potential lover. Note that your potential lover needs to know you first before you can even meet. Once you are satisfied that your partner knows you better, then you can request for a date. Take advantage of the date to move your relationship to the next level.

Best Ways To Save For College

college-fundAre you planning on going to college any time soon? It should be understood that it can be a burden to raise the amount required for admission and academic fees. In most cases, colleges and universities demand high charges from applicants if they must secure a position in the respective institutions. Most people give up at this stage and drop their dreams of ever joining their dream colleges.

With the best plan, it is very possible to gather the amount required for college admission and study fees as well. All you need is to implement a saving plan. You also must set a target which must be achieved in a certain duration. By doing so, you can be assured that pursuing your dream course will be made easy.

Here are some tips to help you save for your college fees and other requirements:

Push For Grants You will realize that most colleges offer grants to students. However, grants are not given to just any other person. This is because everything is done with regard to merits. You can try and fill for a grant and see if your application will be approved. The good thing about grants is that you will not be required to pay back the amount given. It is not like the case of loans.

Rent Textbooks You will certainly require academic references for you to perform best in college. However, it happens that text books are pretty expensive. For this reason, you might require renting textbooks instead of buying. This is a completely affordable method. You will be in a position to save a considerable amount of money.


The truth is that most college students opt to buy food instead of cooking in their hostels. It might interest you to know that cooking is way cheaper than buying ready food. You can use the money saved to pay for your academics.

If you are one of the many individuals buried under student loan debt President Obama has recently made some changes to the Federal Student Loan Forgiveness programs. You can easily find out if you qualify for these programs by visiting http://studentloanservicesgroup.org for a FREE online consultation.

Best Money Saving Tips

saving-moneyIt is only true that most people in the modern world do not know how to save money. In fact, there are people who earn a huge amount of money but they never save even a single coin. This is so unfortunate, right? It should be noted that failure to save for your future means that you have no life at all. This is because the world economy keeps deteriorating over time hence the need to be very ready.

It might interest you to know that some of the things we consider mediocre can greatly ruin your financial status. People have the tendency of engaging in little but very dangerous financial deals hence messing up the chances of saving anything.

Here are tips to help you save money for a great life in the long run:

Spend Less Than Your Earn It is never logical to spend more that you earn. By doing so, it simply means that you are not hoping to accumulate anything in your bank account. It is very important to try and narrow down your expenses. You should aim and spending less and earning more. Only then will your bank account register something positive.

Operate On Budget The problem with most people is that they do not operate on a plan. In the end, they spend blindly and forget about their life ahead. It is important to bear in mind that a plan is of paramount importance for an income earner. It helps you avoid impromptu expenditure or any other blind financial decisions.

Avoid Negative Financial Influence You will always have a great number of friends out there who will give you �friendly’ financial advice. It is important to note that not all people can guide you rightly. In fact, the possibility of being misled is very high. You must therefore avoid any person who advises you against your financial plan.

A Different Writer’s Group

garyvarnerAnytime I explore a new area and consider whether it might be where I want to eventually migrate for my next life-phase, I always check out the local writer’s scene. Usual there is always a writer’s group or two, and equally usually they’re of the read-and-critique style where hopefuls share work and hear (frequently with deaf ears) feedback. These sessions can be cathartic for a willing writer, but my experiences have shown they’re not for me (plus they are most suited for fiction writing, which is not my forte).What I yearn to find (and I will state before someone mentions online groups and yes, they are better than nothing) is more of a writer’s guild approach to my want. Imagine a group of serious and published writers who band together for support on the writing life and the challenges of staying in the game. No question that for some, readings and feedback are critical, but that’s more easily found than what I suggest: a venue where writers can close the door to the outside world, drop our world-famous writer’s egos, and benefit from group therapy with like-minded individuals.

My current quixotic search for an eventual home finds me thinking seriously about a small town two hours south of me: Yellow Springs, Ohio. Although less than 4,000 residents, YS behaves like a much bigger community. Liberal, infused with heavy dose of arts, free thinkers, yoga studios and even it’s own Zen center, plus nestled in woods, hills, and state parks, YS seems idyllic. And I do know there are several published writers in residence (YS hosts the famed annual Antioch Writer’s Workshop), yet I’ve not able to surface any signs of writers connecting. May simply be that as an outsider, I’m not seeing the local scene…yet.

Writing is a solitary art, and most writers I know would be slow to warm to my vision of a writer’s group. Maybe finding or starting such a group is like growing vegetables: plant cucumber seeds (typical writers group) and in no time you’re begging people to take them off your hands, but try to grow asparagus, which takes years before their exquisite flavor can be enjoyed (writer’s guild approach) and one learns the meaning of the word “wait.” Time, patience, and networking (although I dislike that word and think it’s overrated, or at least, abused in practice) may be what I need to find the writer’s group I envision.

From my journal: Reason

(unedited) Just because one could write, should one? Yes. Write to speak what your lips can’t form. What your inner tact won’t let loose. What is screaming to get out. Write, or be content to censor your free thought, eventually forever.